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RusLTC (Russian Learner Translator Corpus) is a bi-directional English-Russian parallel learner corpus, which contains source texts sentence-aligned with their multiple targets produced by translation students in 14 Russian universities. A significant part of the corpus is made up by translations of English mass-media texts done by senior students majoring in translation studies.

The query interface above can help you find out whether the notorious faux amis du traducteur (e.g. actual, decade, ingenious or economical) are a problem in our English-Russian sample. To do this, enter the word in the query field and click 'Search'.

Similarly, you can see whether Russian learner translators struggle with polysemantic English conjunctions (e.g. since, while, for, as) or with rendering modality (e.g. I think, I believe, can).

NB: Search interface is not fully functional as we are in the process of switching to a new and better search engine. You can download RusLTC as a plain-text archive or a customized TMX and use your favourite query methods on it.

Stay tuned!

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